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If you’re struggling to pay your Life Cover monthly premiums because of coronavirus, help is available. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. Alternatively, please contact our HSBC Life Protection Plan Support team at or 0333 207 5563 to find out more.

Useful HSBC Onshore Investment Bond Information

Information for HSBC Onshore Investment Bond investors, including how HSBC Life can support you, answers to frequently asked questions and some reasons to seek further advice from your financial adviser.

When you may need advice from your financial adviser

There are a number of reasons to talk to a financial adviser about your HSBC Onshore Investment Bond

  • You wish to invest more into your bond 
  • You wish to change your investment strategy – perhaps you are nervous about the investment market or have a change of goals and time horizons
  • You need to access a lump sum – they can help you achieve this in a tax effective way 
  • You want to start taking regular withdrawals to supplement your income – they’ll help you consider your tax position and other investments 
  • One of the bond holders has passed away 
  • You want to put your bond in a trust as part of an estate planning strategy. Your HSBC Onshore Investment Bond could play an important role in helping you to make gifts or to pass on assets to beneficiaries after your death 

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